Team Circle

Rahim Malek


(Technical Supervisor)

Meet Rahim Malek, our experienced Production Head, guiding our company’s growth with over 25 years of industry mastery. His strategic leadership and relentless pursuit of efficiency inspire our team to excel, making him a vital cornerstone of our ongoing success.

Shabbir Malek


(Production Supervisor)

Meet Sabbir Malek, a veteran Production Supervisor with 23+ years of experience, finely tunes manufacturing operations for optimal efficiency. His precision in resource allocation and quality control sets industry benchmarks. Sabbir’s adeptness at meeting deadlines and driving excellence makes him a linchpin of success in manufacturing sectors.

Shivam Mishra


(Chief Technical Officer)

Meet Shivam Mishra, a Chief Technical Officer for 3+ years, drives innovation and strategic direction in tech. His visionary leadership aligns technological advancements with organizational objectives. Adept at leveraging emerging tech for growth, Shivam inspires excellence in professional industries.

Bhavika Hirani


(Office Admin)

Bhavika Hirani, with 2+ years as an Office Admin, brings efficiency and organization to tasks. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures smooth operations and communication. Bhavika’s poise in handling multiple responsibilities enhances workplace productivity. Her professionalism and dedication make her invaluable in professional settings.

Sunil Das


(Machine Operator)

Sunil Das, with 4+ years as a machine operator, excels in maintaining machinery efficiency and productivity. His keen eye for detail ensures smooth operations, while dedication to safety and quick problem-solving enhance workflow. Sunil’s expertise and commitment make him a reliable asset in professional industries.

Sanjay Thakor


(Product Assembler)

Sanjay Thakor, with 8+ years in product assembly, ensures precision and quality with expertise. Renowned for collaboration, he optimizes production processes effectively. Sanjay’s reliability and proficiency make him indispensable in professional industries.

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